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Chain Bracelets

Chain Bracelets

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Chain Style

Why Chain Bracelets?

Our Wearitlove Chain Bracelets are another version of our very first design - Original Magnetic Couples Bracelets - holding the meaningful promise of eternal love within:

¡±Oaths high as the mountains and vows deep as the ocean were exchanged. lovers pledge of eternal loyalty until the seas dry up and rocks decay."

One bracelet with the Mountains charm and the other one with the Oceans charm will always keep reminding you how strong your love and bond is.

Choose from four types of chains for everyday wear.


Why HeartBracelets?

Our Wearitlove HeartBracelets are our very first design with a heart-shaped magnet - 2 halves of a heart become one when placed close to each other.

Because when two halves - you and your love - join. that is beauty. That is love. That is WHOLE.

We were given everything in pairs. two hands. two eyes. two ears. But why only one heart?

Because we are meant to find the other one in someone else.

This style is for edgy couples who love meaningful yet classic jewelry design.


Why Heart Key & Lock Bracelets?

Our Wearitlove Heart Key & Lock Bracelets are the mix of all your favorite features:

Key & Lock charms. Chain design and Heart shaped magnet - 2 halves of a heart become one when placed close to each other.

They hold this promise within:

"You have the key to my heart. the light of my soul. my loyalty and trust. my love and me. forever."

Because every lock has a key. just like each and every one of us has a soulmate.

This style is for the edgy couples who love meaningful and classic jewelry design with attention to detail.

Magnetic Buckle Design
2 Carved Charms: 1 x Mountains 1 x Rivers
Chain Style

Material:Stainless steel
Size: Freehand Adjustable
Length:6.3"-9" / 16-23cm

Package includes:
2 x Bracelets
+ Free Black Velvet Pouch

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